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AXON offers you to take a fresh look at education. You can learn English with us at any age.

Our experience is trusted all around the globe: since foundation in 1995 we have educated more than one million students of all ages around the world.

More about AXON GLOBAL:

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Online education

Interactive platform allows you to learn English online and save time without sacrificing the quality of education.

Learn the language individually with our audio, multimedia and interactive educational materials or via teleconference under the guidance of a teacher. Get your own AXON code and study when it’s convenient to you!

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Face-to-face education

For those who want to attend courses in our educational center and study with a teacher we have developed an offline educational programme.

Meet new friends in one of our groups or acquire language skills individually with AXON experts!

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Our advantages

The best proof of AXON Power Learn effectiveness is our achievements.

Since foundation in 1995, we have:

  • Educated more than 1 000 000 students all around the globe
  • Organized the effective work of more than 250 educational centers in different countries
  • Helped the employees of more than 300 companies to learn English
  • Established successful partnership with the leading educational institutions in the world: University of New York in Prague (UNYP), The University of Central Lancashire, Cyprus (UC Lan Cyprus), University of Michigan and many others

Benefits of studying with us:

  • Learning materials, tests, videos and combination of online and offline educational methods enhance the quality of knowledge.
  • The combination of synchronous and asynchronous distance learning improves the effectiveness of education.
  • E-learning allows you to study at your own pace and according to your schedule.
  • Transparent evaluation system and compulsory feedback help you to strengthen your skills.
  • Our teaching can be done entirely with tablets instead of books which increases energy effectiveness and environmental friendliness of the learning process.
  • Accreditation by the British Awarding Organization NOCN* and the curriculum accurately aligned to the English language levels of the CEFR* guarantee our expertise, while the certificate you receive upon completion confirms your knowledge.
  • In 2012, the Company was admitted to the Main Quote of GXG Markets in London, UK.

    CEFR - Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

    NOCN - National Open College Network

1 000 000 +students
1 500teachers
300client companies

AXON methods

AXON Power Learn methods allow to learn English from scratch at any age. We carefully test and examine individual characteristics of each student before the start of the course in order to draw up the curriculum. AXON innovative approach is approved by the University of Central Lancashire, the leading UK educational institution.

AXON Power Learn System unites traditional teaching methods with innovative technology - online platform, which is suitable for kids and adults with different levels of knowledge. It consists of different levels aligned to the globally recognized CEFR* and the expertise of our specialists is accredited by the British Awarding Organization NOCN*.

Blended learning helps to determine every client’s capabilities and wishes and takes them into account while choosing the programme.

CEFR - Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

NOCN - National Open College Network

Power Learn

A perfect opportunity
to learn English from scratch
and feel the results
from the first days.
An innovative method
of corporate education and a way
to teach employees the language of business
communication at a global level.
A possibility to «brush up»
your knowledge
and build up
your language skills.
Assistance in preparation for TOEFL, IELTS or other international exams.
A perfect start
in language learning for kids.

The Learning Cycle:

AXON GLOBAL Learning Process:

Live instruction
AXON GLOBAL Books + interactive class material
"Inglish" programme
AXON GLOBAL e-learning programme
Placement test
Needs analysis
Programme recomendation
Progress report
Final test Certificate
Next level

International education
for your children

Childhood is the best period to learn something new. We offer interactive education courses for kids from 3 to 6 years old and guarantee the quality of acquired knowledge. Unlike the majority of educational programmes developed for students of 7 years and older, our globally innovative blended learning programmes and curriculum allow to learn English in the earliest possible age. Now your kids can distantly learn English from scratch!
We have formed the groups according to the students’ age, each taking into consideration interests and capabilities:
  • 3-6 years — happy starters
  • 7-12 years — happy kids
  • 13-18 years — happy teens

English for kids with AXON means:

  • Individual educational programme
  • Entertaining approach of interactive lessons
  • Access to the learning materials at any time
  • Consideration of students’ interests and capabilities

Prepare your child for school with us!

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Our programmes

English for young learners More

English for young learners

English lessons for kids are elaborated according to the students’ age and interests. Our blended learning system and innovative solutions, aligned with the educational games help children to study and never get bored.

Having started education at an early age, you can raise a real bilingual person and prepare your kid for school!

English for children and teenagers More

English for children and teenagers

Online education with AXON allows not only to learn English from scratch, but also to master the knowledge. Innovative methods will help you to improve school grades, compensate for the lack of English lessons, prepare for IELTS, TOEFL or TOEIC.

Education is based on children-friendly material with real-life examples: favourite songs, quotes, excerpts from popular movies and episodes from TV shows will help to consolidate the material.

English for schools and universities More

English for schools and universities

We actively cooperate with educational organizations and help them to improve English learning process.

Foreign language for students is an important part of our scope of work and we strive to develop this area.

Preparation for IELTS, TOEFL or TOEIC , group English lessons and in-depth language study — cooperation with AXON is beneficial and useful!

English for adults More

English for adults

English language courses have been developed for students of any level. Individual approach and personalized solutions will help you to learn a language effectively and achieve the desired level quickly.

English for beginners or advanced courses for those who want to master their skills – AXON Power Learn unique method provides opportunities for students with any background.

English for specific purposes More

English for specific purposes

If you think that your English skills are not sufficient for your dream job, these courses are designed specially for you.

Your professional competences will find a good use as soon as you improve your foreign language skills. With the help of our specially designed programmes, tailor made to satisfy the needs of Professionals: Banking, General Business, Hospitality, Secretarial, Finance, Marketing, Sales, Advertising you will become a real expert, raise your status and increase your value on the labor market.

Business English More

Business English

You can easily learn the language of global communications spoken by the experts and professionals. Business English courses will help you to broaden your professional horizons, establish relationships with foreign partners and raise your value on the labor market.

Sophisticated document translation, international communication and negotiations with foreign clients — all the aspects of Business English are available for you! Learn English with us and grow professionally!

Summer courses More

Summer courses

You can learn a language at your spare time. Join AXON summer courses in order to improve your skills in the most suitable atmosphere.

Being surrounded by our experts and native speakers you will be able to learn English with maximum efficiency and significantly increase your personal background.

Is it difficult to select the programme on your own?

Fill in the application form and our specialists will contact you soon!

Our partners

Over the years of existence, our company has established reliable partnerships all around the world:

Our partners:


  • Elena, 27

    I’ve always dreamt of a job in the field of tourism. The only obstacle on the way was my poor level of English. After completion of a 4 - month AXON course, I was able to develop my skills significantly and achieved all the desired goals.

  • Anna, 31

    Learning English with AXON guarantees not only the training by the fully qualified specialists and well-balanced programme, but also a high level of knowledge upon completion of the course.

  • Natalia, 29

    Really modern ways of teaching. AXON is the school of the future!

  • Tomas, 28

    In just a few months I found a job with my certificate in English I got from AXON!

  • Pawel, 24

    AXON: foreign languages and computers school with the best learning methods in the world!

  • Matis, 26

    In AXON I found what I was looking for. Well trained teachers and friendly personnel, with experience and love for what they are doing.


Is it possible for an adult to learn a new language?

Innovative AXON method helps to learn English successfully at any age.

Our placement test defines your level and according to the results, our specialists choose an individual programme for each student taking into account his preferences and peculiarities.

How much time will the education take?

Even if you have an extremely busy schedule, learning English with AXON won’t be difficult. Online education allows to control the educational load on your own.

Our materials are accessible at any time, so you can decide when and how much time you will devote to your education.

Do I really need help while learning English?Can’t I study without special materials, unique techniques and professional teachers?

Self-learning can’t guarantee you the result, while the expertise of AXON professionals is confirmed by long experience and leading certification organizations.

More than a million of students have mastered their English with our educational materials under the guidance of AXON specialists. Moreover, you will receive an internationally valued certificate upon completion, which will enable you to open new horizons.

Will I have to demonstrate my knowledge in front of the whole group?I am embarrassed to study in a class full of strangers.

You can always study individually, communicating only with a teacher. In addition to our offline courses in the AXON educational centers, you can also try innovative online educational system.

Our interactive platform provides you with an access to all the necessary literature, videos and tests, while teleconference allows you to stay in touch with your teacher.

What proves the quality of online education?Is this technique as effective as the traditional English courses?

In the international community traditional methods of education tend to give way to the innovative techniques. Online education will help you to save time, personalize the programme and take into account all your aspirations and capabilities.

Our curriculum is developed according to CEFR, and the expertise of our specialists is accredited by the British Awarding Organization NOCN. Upon completion of the course every AXON student receives certificate, which guarantees his knowledge.

While studying in class I can always ask a teacher if I have any questions.Who helps me to overcome difficulties when I am using the online platform?

For your comfort within the framework of the interactive platform we implemented the technical support, specialists are always eager to help. Moreover, every student’s progress is tracked by a supervising teacher, whom you can always contact for help.

We guarantee quick response to any requests and total support for every student. In case you wish to contact your teacher in real time mode, you can do it via teleconference.


115230, Moscow, «Newton Plaza»
1-st Nagatinsky passage 10
+7 (495) 825-52-25

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For children


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Уроки английского для детей разработаны с учетам интересов и возраста учеников


8 999 P 15 000 P discount 6 001 Р To buy the programme

«Animal Friends 1»

Description of the programme:

Интерактивная программа, направленная на тренировку всех основных языковых навыков детей (чтение, говорение, аудирование, письмо), продолжающих изучать английский язык. 28 уроков данной программы включают:

Грамматика (артикли, множественное число, there is/there are, принадлежность, времена фразы-приветствия, множественное число)

Темы: цвета, день рождения, школа, игрушки, дом, друзья, пираты, животные, счастье, транспортные средства, братья и сестры, одежда, здоровье, досуг. Ваш ребенок начнет с изучения букв алфавита и закрепит навыки их написания, а закончит изучением временем Present Indefinite, которое в школьной программе изучается в 4-5 классах. Ребенок, также, значительно расширит словарный запас.


8 999 P 15 000 P discount 6 001 Р To buy the programme

For adults

«Target 1»

Description of the programme:

Курсы английского для взрослых рассчитаны на людей с любым уровнем.


8 999 P 15 000 P discount 6 001 Р To buy the programme

«Target 2 (A1)»

Description of the programme:

Курсы английского для взрослых рассчитаны на людей с любым уровнем.


8 999 P 15 000 P discount 6 001 Р To buy the programme

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